Men's Brazilian Bikini is your guide to the hottest swimwear designs on the planet. Extreme bikinis of every shape and size, micro thongs and G-strings, Bulge style suits, short shorts, fem wear, spandex fetish designs and so much more!

Men's Brazilian Bikini


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Men’s Brazilian Bikini Offer More Fun in the Sun

If you are wearing a new men’s Brazilian bikini, then you are at the top of the fashion ladder looking down on everyone else. Sure, you might have people making rude comments about what you are wearing, but at least you have the guts to show off your body in this way. All those other guys are too afraid to put something like this on and walk around in public. They are called cowards. You are able to take the comments and force them into a corner so that you can live your life in the happiest way possible. Most guys that wear a men’s Brazilian bikini in public are much happier in general than those guys that are too afraid to try something new. You will also see that guys wearing these kinds of bikinis are usually getting more invites to cool parties than other guys. The fact is that wearing bikinis gets you noticed much more easily than wearing more traditional swimwear, and because of this bikini wearing guys are having more fun.

Men's Brazilian Bikini : Your guide to all extreme spandex creations. Let us help you find the swimsuit of your dreams. Looking for micro shorts with a nice bulge pouch or a tiny bikini with just a touch of rear coverage? we have you covered. Want the smallest G-string in the world? we have you covered. Want to try something super hot? maybe a pouch only penis shaped swimsuit would do the job. Ready to get in touch with your feminine side? We have the sexiest male to female transformation swimwear designs that repackage your penis into a beautiful vagina look. We have all the hottest designs ready to mold to your body like a second skin. All our suits are manufactured and designed in the USA by Koala and shipped worldwide.

If you are ready to look your best we are ready to give you that amazing Brazilian look.

Trying Out a Men’s Brazilian Bikini

Nearly everyone has hear of a men’s Brazilian bikini but it seems that only a few guys have the courage to wear one in public. Some men have never heard of this type of swim suit while others have heard of it but are not brave enough to go out to a public beach or other swimming location wearing one. Granted, it is true that a man’s body needs to be in at least decent shape in order to wear something as small as a Brazilian bikini. On the other hand, it is an excuse to get up off of that couch and start making an effort to remodel their bodies. You know that you are not happy with they way you look if people have laughed at you when you appeared in public wearing any type of swim suit. Certainly, you would not want to wear a tiny bikini if you are totally out of shape. It is time to get busy working on yourself so that you can at least try wearing a Brazilian bikini.

Men’s Brazilian Bikini Wax: What to Expect

A men’s Brazilian bikini wax has its good points as well as its bad points. A Brazilian wax is, basically, when you remove all of the pubic hair in the area around your penis and testicles. When you apply the wax during this process, you will want to start on the area of pubic hairs above the base of the penis. Eventually, you will work your way down to the testicles and perineum before finally waxing close to the rectum. However, the total amount of hair you are willing to wax off depends on you. The obvious negative to a men’s Brazilian bikini wax is that the area is very sensitive and there can be a good bit of pain. It is highly recommended to test how well you handle this pain by waxing a small patch before trying larger sections. There can be a good deal of tenderness in the area afterwards that can prevent you from wearing tight underwear or having sex for a day or two. However, the positive to a wax of this type is that the skin is smoother than ever. On top of having incredibly soft skin in that area, there is no razor burn, and the area may be easier to maintain in terms of personal hygiene when there is less hair there to catch bacteria. If you have never done the waxing before, there is no harm in trying it out just once to see if maybe it would be a better fit for you than shaving.

Men's Brazilian Bikini styles are the hottest new designs on the beach!